initial contact

After you contact our office, we will ask you to fill out a short Client Application Form to email or fax in to begin the process. You will also need to sign our Client Agreement.


determining your needs

You may choose to speak to us by telephone or in person to identify your specific needs. The second option is more comprehensive and is part of a strategic planning session in which using a personal assistant is assessed within a broader context.


streamlined choice

Based on this interview, we will identify, typically within our assistant pool, assistants who present the best match for you in terms of skills, schedule, and personality. For each assistant, you will be provided an electronic or paper dossier that includes a photograph, Lambent internal profile, personal statement, resume, and current availability schedule. You choose the assistant you feel will work best.


begin working together

You will be given the contact information for your personal assistant so that you can set your weekly schedule together. Lambent will send you a bi-monthly invoice based on the number of hours indicated on your assistant's timesheets.

If the original match is unsuitable, we will provide you with a different assistant to work with. Alternately, we will work with you to resolve any problems or issues that come up with a working assistant. Our goal is to provide you – and your personal assistant – with a mutually satisfying business relationship.