our process

Precision Matching

While “matching” has become a popular buzzword, those who have experience with staffing providers at all levels know that frequently, “matching” describes little more than putting together a client and provider that happen to be available at the same time.

Lambent’s interviewing process is extensive and takes place after a review phase, two in-person interviews; Lexis Nexis® background checks and reference reviews. We assess not only what the assistant can do, but who they are.

Shortly after contacting Lambent Services, you will have a telephone or in-person conversation to determine what you need from an assistant and what you are like as a person. This helps us to make a good match. Following this, you will be presented with assistant dossiers. Each will include a photo, a resume, a personal statement by the PA, and an interview summary by one of our staff members. At this point, you may select the PA you believe is the best fit for you. Then the matching process is complete.


Aside from typical office work, you can ask for more customized help, such as preparing specific meals; running errands; making phone calls; doing internet research; checking your email; programming your electronic devices; telling you to exercise; brainstorming with you about projects; and informal coaching.

We have extended this flexible model to how we have constructed our services. If you do not like your personal assistant, we will provide you with a different one. If you would like two assistants with complementary skills, this will be arranged. We maintain a pool of assistants to provide an array of choices.

Ongoing Relationship Management

The client-assistant relationship does not end with placement. Most simply, Lambent will provide the client with a different assistant if the original match is not optimal, at any time. We also support our working assistants, such that if they need help on the job, we provide it, immediately by telephone or e-mail, or if indicated, through additional training.

Furthermore, we facilitate regular client-assistant reviews to make sure our clients’ needs are being met to the fullest extent. If a client would like Lambent to relay feedback to an assistant on an intermediate basis, we are happy to do this as well. Some messages may be awkward or inconvenient to convey personally. Our role is to make the client-assistant relationship as mutually beneficial as possible.