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Nyoka G.

Nyoka is a lovely woman with a pronounced sensitivity to others’ needs and a direct, collaborative manner. Her years in private school and early graduation from high school (she was in an accelerated program) underscore her dedicated work ethic. Nyoka began CUNY at age sixteen, and received a BS in Architecture. Nyoka has worked for contracting and consulting firms in addition to personal assisting.

From 2010 until 2012, she was the Personal Assistant/House Manager for the Walkingshaw family of Chappaqua. Nyoka managed every aspect of their multi-million dollar home. They drew upon her architecture skills by having Nyoka supervise all contractors that worked on the house. She also drafted their correspondence (both business and personal), planned their travel and kept their calendar. She made recommendations about household expenditures and tracked their budget. Nyoka supervised the household staff and was happy to pitch in when needed, for example, shopping for gifts. A great organizer, Nyoka advised the Walkingshaws how best to use rooms and place furniture. She also organized their closets. When Mr. Walkingshaw was laid off in 2012, the family let go of their household staff. The Walkingshaws wrote a glowing recommendation for Nyoka after she left.

From 2009 to 2010, Nyoka and a partner ran the interior design business Arc Technical Consulting. Nyoka managed all business finances, marketing and client relations. She has advanced skills in QuickBooks, Quicken and financial management in general. Nyoka worked for seven years (2003-2009) for Perry Cohen Contracting Corporation as an Executive Assistant/Project Manager, primarily drafting and submitting estimates. The company specialized in high-end woodworking for high-rises. Being the precise worker that she is, all of Nyoka’s projects were completed on time and within budget. She had a high rate of successful bids, and during her last five years with Perry Cohen Nyoka handled projects totaling $9 million.

From 2000 to 2003, as a recent graduate, Nyoka was an intern for both the State and City of New York. One position was in the Special Projects Unit, where Nyoka was in charge of purchasing furniture for Bellevue Hospital with a $2.5 million budget. She was then hired by the School Construction Authority as a Project Manager for their $10 million project to replace the boilers in four city public schools.  From 2001 to 2003, she worked as a Project Manager for Zalismah Contracting, a company that built and renovated apartment buildings. For the last five years, Nyoka has volunteered as a carpenter for the New York City Building Committee, where she helps to construct and renovate places of worship all over the city.

Nyoka is a dedicated and detailed-oriented assistant with a strong sense of commitment to her clients.  Her strengths include accounting, project management and computer skills including QuickBooks, Excel, Photoshop, the Adobe suite and all standard Mac applications. She is innately supportive and finds great satisfaction in helping others. She stated that in her experience, keeping one person on track has a positive effect on the wide range of individuals that person is in contact with.