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Melissa C.

Melissa is a pleasure to engage with in conversation, a fact made all the more enjoyable by her delicate Australian accent. She is bright, efficient and always on task, qualities that have served her well thus far in her varied career.  Her theatrical training has also developed her excellent presentation skills.

Melissa, a native of Brisbane, graduated from Melbourne University’s prestigious Victorian College of the Arts in 2002 with a BA in Dramatic Arts. She remained in that city for several years, where she worked in client relations and administration for Deutscher-Menzies, Australia’s leading fine arts auction house. But New York called and Melissa answered, moving here in 2008 to be a nanny for the ten-year-old daughter of a Columbia professor and a high-profile contemporary artist.

After a year of nanny duties, Melissa began to exercise her office-related skills in two different personal assistant roles that saw her balancing checkbooks, writing press releases, carrying out advanced data entry, and running general errands. In 2010, Melissa took a job at menupages.com, a high-traffic website run by New York Magazine. Melissa joined an eight person office as a Content Quality Assistant, where she performed editing, internet research and HTML formatting.

Since 2010, Melissa has committed herself more deeply to New York’s contemporary theater scene. She recently directed Kimberly Pau’s experimental stage comedy, Open Up Wild Finish, a critically acclaimed one-woman show. The play was featured at Norway’s Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival in 2012 and toured the UK in 2013. Leaving behind her full-time position at New York Magazine, Melissa has been doing freelance large-scale event planning for prominent New York non-profits and occasional voiceover work. As a theater director, Melissa has an aesthetic mind and a nuanced sense of space. She has decorated her own apartment and those of her friends, and hopes to eventually work as a dedicated interior designer.

Melissa brings an excellent knowledge of computers, problem solving, and writing skills to her assistant work. Her efficient, proactive demeanor presents a good fit for both home and office environments.  Melissa is quick-witted and adapts easily to new clients and their particular working style, and her responsible nature ensures that she sees projects through to ever-satisfactory conclusion.