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Marielle M.

Marielle grew up in Carmel, CA. She is soft-spoken, polite, and although the word is out-of-date, demure. Marielle attended the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, where she earned a BM in Music for Vocal Performance.

Since moving to NYC in 2011, Marielle has worked as a manager at the Rita Shane Studio owned by the eponymous Metropolitan Opera singer. Marielle books the venue for students and accompanists. Marielle’s pleasant manner and unflappable demeanor has been a marked asset to the studio. At the same time, Marielle has been a personal assistant for several clients, including a lawyer on the Upper East Side for whom Marielle pays bills, organizes files, returns merchandise, plans travel, runs errands and selects gifts, Since 2009, Marielle has taught at the Eastman School of Music, Larchmont Music Academy and Music to Your Home. Her expertise is in music theory, piano and vocal technique.

In 2007, Marielle was an administrative assistant for the Bach Music Festival in Carmel. She managed the office and assisted with fundraising efforts and public relations campaigns.  She was the point person for donor communications and created the festival program. Marielle is a strong writer, and has drafted promotional materials for the Beverly Hills Brownie Company, including social media content. She has a solid understanding of how to use Facebook and Twitter for business.

Marielle is a highly disciplined person who loves organizing the lives of her clients. She is hardworking, creative and composed. In her spare time, she writes and is an avid cook who loves to bake and create healthy vegetarian meals. Marielle is a wonderful assistant whose particular appeal lies in her combination of effectiveness with an unobtrusive presence.