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Katherine A.

Katie is a very fashionable woman with a bright and engaging personality.  She is talkative without being overwhelming.   Her friendly demeanor softens her presentation as a meticulous and driven urban professional who is highly committed to her work. Originally from New York, Katie moved to LA after completing high school to study film.  There, her concentration was in film editing, which she did primarily with the software program Avid.  Katie moved back to New York and received her BA in Social Sciences with a concentration in Media Studies from NYU.

Katie’s most recent position was as the internal auditor for Reading International, a Los Angeles company that owns 26 movie theaters. She was originally hired as an Administrative Assistant, and was promoted to Auditor when her boss, the Director of Operations, asked her to look over some box office reports. Katie found numerous red flags after comparing them to the related receipts. To address these discrepancies, Katie met with the district managers and theaters’ staff and instructed them how to create accurate reports. She communicated with the district managers, trained an assistant to work under her, and changed how reports were generated.

Previously, Katie worked as a night trading assistant for Tower Research Capital in New York. She ran and monitored the computer programs Liffe, Eurex, CBOT, and Xetra Trading.  While the day traders were on break, Katie ensured that the operations supporting connections to global financial markets ran smoothly, and fixed glitches that arose in the systems.  Judging from the praise of her employer at Tower, Katie offered practiced oversight in a highly stressful environment.

Before then, Katie was an Executive Assistant to the Studio Manager of Duotone Audio Group, a music production company.  She also interned at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival as an assistant to the directors, where she liaised with the Public Relations department and wrote press kits. 

Katie’s background in media and film easily extends to personal assisting, which frequently calls for detail-oriented work to be completed quickly.   Because she has lived in both LA and NYC, Katie is also well-versed in the challenges and particularities of big cities, and has a developed network of resources in both places. Katie has maintained a longstanding interest in entertainment, but can contribute significantly to the lives of professionals in varied fields.  She is an excellent and dedicated home organizer, personal shopper and travel planner. Katie greets every business enterprise with a degree of sophistication and dedication. The care that she takes with her work, combined with her warm personality, make her an excellent match for anyone requiring cheerful, unfailing help.