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Julie M.

One of Julie’s most striking characteristics is her creative and intellectual curiosity.  She is always working, going to museums, reading extensively, dancing, doing yoga, and exploring new interests.  She loves art and art history.  Her natural approach to a situation is to figure out what needs to be taken care of, and then to work efficiently and effectively to fix the problem.  While her resume is focused on her career as an art curator, Julie is a seasoned personal assistant who has worked with Lambent Services for more than seven years.  With the brightness that lingers from her youth in Napa Valley, CA, Julie is intelligent, fun, and one of the very best assistants we offer.

Julie received her BA in Art History and Women Studies in 1997 from the UC Santa Cruz.  Afterwards, she spent a summer studying intensive German at the Goethe Institute in Berlin.  She subsequently was employed as a curatorial assistant in a number of settings, including Performa, The Kitchen, and The Whitney Museum of American Art.  This detail-oriented work required Julie to meet exacting standards in intense environments.  She was promoted rapidly at The Whitney.  She began as a Curatorial Intern, then became a Publications Assistant, and was eventually hired as a full-time Curatorial Assistant, a position she held for two years.  Julie has also held positions in several museum educational departments designing curricula and outreach programs. 

Julie completed her MA in Modern Art History from Columbia University in 2007.  She then became a freelance Assistant Cataloguer for a high-end private art collector in New York who owned almost 2000 pieces. Julie’s responsibilities included cataloguing, documenting, researching preservation and conservation, securing insurance, tracking loans and arranging for shipments to galleries. Julie loves this work, and continues to take on similar clients on a part-time basis.  She is also the Director and Curator of Kunsthalle Galapagos, an alternative art space that Elle Magazine named one of the top ten most influential galleries in Brooklyn.  Julie constructs every show from conception to exhibition.  She selects themes, liaises with artists, performs marketing, PR, staff management and event planning, oversees installations, and hosts the openings.  She maintains the day-to-day operations at the gallery, negotiates rental contracts for outside parties, performs basic repairs on the physical space, organizes artist talks and special performances, and conducts gallery tours for the public.

Julie also currently works on an as-needed basis as a Personal Assistant and Bookkeeper for a patent lawyer, performing basic administrative duties and balancing his books in Quicken.  Her personal assistant experience is comprehensive.  She has supported a range of individual clients, doing everything from personal organization and bill pay/financial management to personal shopping, interior design, and renovation project management.   One of her most impressive accomplishments was a complete reorganization and downsizing of an elderly woman’s household.  Julie examined every item in the house, working closely with the client’s daughter to identify those that could be donated, sold, or thrown away.  Julie found buyers for the client’s books, antiques, and vintage clothing, and served as a buffer between the client, who did not want to part with anything, and her daughter, who needed her mother moved to a much smaller living space.

With considerable employment and life experience under her belt, Julie instinctively understands how to handle a wide variety of challenges and personality types.  She is friendly and also an incredibly hard worker who can capably handle a great deal of responsibility.