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Jennifer O.

Jennifer describes herself as a “real people person,” and we are inclined to agree. She is easygoing and candid, and genuinely passionate about her work. Jennifer is extremely organized, capable, and practical.

Jennifer attended SUNY at Oneonta, receiving her BA in Music Business. After graduating, she moved to New York to take a position with Brick Wall Management, an entertainment and consulting firm that represents musicians, producers, songwriters, and filmmakers. Here, she worked with artists such as John Mayer, The Clarks, and Citizen Cope in a primarily administrative capacity overseeing office finances, bookkeeping, the office calendar, and travel planning.

After two years, frustrated with an industry increasingly dependent on free labor by wide-eyed college interns hoping for a glamorous career in “the biz,” and facing grim prospects of professional advancement, Jennifer left Brick Wall to work for Citizen Cope directly. As Cope’s assistant, Jennifer handled all his personal finances and accounting as well as his personal and professional calendars. Given her background and training, Jennifer’s role was essentially that of his manager. She made sure that the proper amenities were provided for him at performances, and booked all travel. She also helped plan and execute Cope’s notoriously extensive grassroots/DIY publicity campaigns.

Around the same time, Jennifer took a part-time job with a prominent finance executive as his personal assistant. Over the next two years this evolved into full-time work in which Jennifer provided support for his family. She hired and managed staff for both residences (Manhattan and Bedford, New York), including nannies, drivers and housekeepers. She also worked closely with the family’s accountants and lawyers, helping ensure that legal and financial issues were attended to with due diligence. Jennifer personally oversaw the complete renovation of the Manhattan home with the design/architecture firm Roman & Williams.

Since 2012, Jennifer’s hours have been scaled back because the family’s children have grown up, and dedicated estate managers have been hired for each residence. She is therefore available for additional part-time work. Jennifer is a highly accomplished and experienced assistant who is used to shouldering extensive responsibilities that require professional discretion and practiced poise. Her dedicated work ethic and unflagging attention to detail make Jennifer an immensely desirable candidate for a range of clients that appreciate sheer competence.