Lambent Services is an assistant staffing boutique. Our clients are varied, and share the goal of optimizing the quality of their time. We provide vetted, competent assistants to support our clients in every aspect of their lives so they can function more efficiently and with less unnecessary stress.

For those looking to hire Personal and Executive Assistants, Lambent Services identifies prospects that meet target specifications. We operate in short timeframes, are honest about our findings, and work incredibly hard so that the client does not waste time interviewing unsuitable candidates. Because assistant staffing is our niche, we have an extraordinary success rate.

The heart of Lambent Services is our part-time assistant pool. We maintain a group of 60 assistants in New York, Los Angeles, and other U.S. cities that are available to work with clients on an ongoing basis, typically 5-20 hours a week. Clients determine the amount and type of help they need, and select an assistant based on skills, personality and scheduling parameters. We know each of our assistants personally. We understand which clients they work with best, their strengths, and what makes them tick. Our assistants are unusually bright, polished, and effective.

Choosing to work with a Lambent assistant gives you not more time, which is finite, but different time. The ability to delegate unwanted tasks and responsibilities allows for a deeper commitment to fundamental priorities. We have found that using almost any assistant will streamline your days; using an excellent assistant will improve the fabric of your life. Real support promotes the type of enhanced overall functioning we call success, within love, work, and personal development.