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Gwen e.

Gwen makes a strong first impression: she is direct, articulate and confident.  She has a practical, no-nonsense attitude, which is complemented by her calibrated approach to situations that require discretion and judgment. Gwen’s casual but neat style of dress is in keeping with her consistent focus on the tasks at hand, not herself.

Gwen was raised on a farm in the Midwest, an upbringing that fostered a strong work ethic. Ultimately, however, Gwen sought opportunities that were not available in her rural surroundings. Gwen attended UC Santa Barbara where she received a BFA in Theater. Although she loved the beautiful environment, she dreamed of living in New York and moved here as soon as she could.     

Gwen has extensive experience as a personal assistant. She has worked for a diverse spectrum of clients, including CEOs, consultants, musicians and professors. She has developed an equally wide range of skills, which include setting up and troubleshooting computers, bookkeeping, home maintenance, answering phones, and sourcing. Gwen enjoys the variety inherent in her work. That said, Gwen can also devote herself to a single project. She once assisted a recently widowed owner of a travel agency. Before tackling tasks that pertained directly to the company, Gwen helped her client sort through her late husband’s medical bills and personal effects. In this role, Gwen displayed the sensitivity the situation required while moving the project along on schedule. Gwen is fluent in the full Microsoft Office suite, with high proficiency in Excel, and also knows QuickBooks and Quicken.

Gwen has an adaptable personality. She is very patient and comfortable asking questions when instructions call for further clarification. She is particularly good at matching her working style to her clients’.