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cody v.

Cody is a fresh-faced young man from West Virginia. Full of Southern grace and charm, Cody's background in pre-professional tennis also demonstrates his considerable degree of self-discipline. Cody moved to New York to attend NYU where he received a BFA in Theatre. He is efficient, courteous, and eager to please. 

For the first half of 2014, Cody worked at Frederick Management, a West Virginia-based real estate company. He was the assistant to President John Hankins, who is also Cody's grandfather. The company owns many commercial properties including office buildings, restaurants, banks, and shopping centers. There, Cody learned about property upkeep, appraisal values, taxes, and the basic foundations of a successful business. His responsibilities included tracking company expenses and compiling tax and income reports for each building over a five-year period in order to identify expense trends. He handled filing, bills, personal errands, and kept Mr. Hankin's calendar.

For one semester during college, Cody interned at CAP 21, a musical theater studio. He served as their primary Industry Liaison, coordinating with casting directors and agents including Paul Hardt, Michael Cassara, and Joy Dewing. He issued invitations for guests to speak, teach, and attend the end-of-year showcase. Cody also prepared class schedules, syllabi, assignments, and participated in marketing initiatives. Always professional, Cody was the face of the studio to the industry.

As an undergraduate, Cody managed the front-desk at Equinox gym's SoHo location. Cody supervised all the clerical employees, staff meetings, schedules, cash deposits and income reports, and issues that arose on a daily basis. During his last year at NYU, Cody worked at Petite Abeille on the East Side. Using QuickBooks, Cody handled expenses and income reports, organized and recorded payments, and balanced credit cards and cash receipts. He also ran the delivery desk, the stand-alone coffee shop, and the coffee bar for the attached restaurant. Based on his high performance, the owners asked Cody to join the inaugural staff at The Blind Barber, a hipster coffee shop/barbershop in Williamsburg.

Since joining Lambent Services, Cody has organized and supervised moves for upwards of 20 resident of Manhattan luxury buildings. In addition to packing and unpacking, Cody has retained movers, scheduled deliveries and installations, assembled furniture, orchestrated furniture layouts, purchased appliances, and stocked the kitchen with groceries. Lambent often turns to Cody for IT-related assignments such as troubleshooting network connections. He has unfailingly demonstrated his ability to install hardware including printers, scanners, and computers. His understanding of computers allows him to transfer files between devices such as desktops and smartphones, and to work around situations when programs present roadblocks.

Cody is an experienced personal shopper. For one client, he went to the Container Store where using his design sensibilities he purchased a new organization system to make everything work. For another client, Cody planned and shopped for a dinner party. He ordered the food, set the table, stocked the bar, and ensured the apartment was presentable while the client was out of town. Cody has also helped clients with closet maintenance and wardrobe makeovers.

Currently, Cody works as a part-time personal assistant in order to support his music projects. His dream is to become an in-house writer for a record label. His intelligence and experience allow him to gracefully handle tasks large and small.  In person, Cody is friendly and easygoing, but also gets the job done. He is extremely likeable while also being calm and quiet.