President of NGO With High-Demand Schedule and New Marriage

charles began to use a lambent services assistant at the prompting of his fiancé, carol, who wanted to reduce growing demands on his time in both the professional and personal realms. the couple was getting married in two months, were addressing the complications related to blending their two families, and charles’ internationally-based ngo was growing rapidly. while charles had an executive assistant at work, both he and carol agreed that his need for support exceeded the current arrangement. charles initially wanted help establishing streamlined financial systems for his personal assets; with home management including design and maintenance; moving computer files to the cloud; and organizing documents relating to an estate for which charles was the executor. 


charles’ first assistant: 

  Created the wedding guest list in conjunction with Carol and an ongoing to do list / wedding timeline. 

  Organized his closet. 

  Scanned old tax filings and family photos to move to the cloud. 

  Brought his car for inspection and repairs. 



  Scheduled a range of home repairs and coordinated these with the co-op management. 

  Established a better filing system for papers and computer files. 

  Assumed responsibility for processing health insurance claims and securing reimbursements.

After 6 months, this assistant transitioned out of the position because of a change in her family circumstances. she oriented a second assistant who picked up her tasks. in addition this assistant: 

  Arranged for art to be hung in Charles’ apartment after researching and getting quotes from 3 companies. 

  Found someone to help with Thanksgiving dinner (preparation, serving, clean-up) after identifying and presenting multiple options. 


  Identified a piano tuner. While he was at the apartment at work, the assistant changed light bulbs and assembled furniture. 

Although cost was not a huge concern for Charles, a proportion of his assistants’ work helped save him money. He had not had the time to monitor his medical claims and then got over $1500 back the first month using Lambent Services. Also, by comparing providers (art, repairmen, piano tuner) Charles received high-quality workmanship for competitive prices. Charles has increased his number of assistant hours from 6 to 10 hours a week.