Time-starved professional gets ongoing support

Susan is an entertainment lawyer who is based in New York and frequently travels to her second residence in LA, as well as Europe on a monthly basis. She keeps a very busy schedule and originally retained Lambent to set up her downtown apartment when she moved here.

  • Received grocery deliveries and put everything away.
  • Organized the medicine cabinet with items shipped from LA.
  • Created storage bins for the building’s basement.
  • Picked up dry cleaning and removed all wrapping, then placed clothes on Susan’s closet hangers.
  • Unpacked her boxes and arranged furnishings, including those for the entire kitchen.
  • Shopped for linens and storage items locally.
  • Polished silver.
  • Showed handyman things that needed to be repaired.

After the transition period, Susan has used a different assistant for ongoing support. One of his main tasks is to help Susan with her frequent trips out of town.

For this her Assistant...

  • Packs her carry on with cords, chargers and books.
  • For international travel, adds passport, foreign currency and power converters to carry on.
  • Pulls clothes from closets, storage and dry cleaning and puts them on a rack for her to approve.
  • Checks toiletries bag against a standard list and refills items that are gone or low.

When Susan returns, her assistant...

  • Runs the dishwasher.
  • Stocks the refrigerator.
  • Arranges fresh flowers, the kinds he knows she likes, around the apartment in up to 12 vases.
  • Has a snack waiting.

The current assistant also performs tasks on an as-needed basis. These include:

  • Booking European travel – presenting a list of suitable hotels, arranging  transportation from train stations and airports, and creating a detailed itinerary.
  • Finding a daily meal preparation and delivery service that met her stated criteria.
  • Getting jewelry for the Emmys. Once Susan told him what she wanted, he called several boutiques for the best prices and availability, and coordinated purchase and delivery.

Overall, Susan has been able to focus more on her demanding job, her family and her limited leisure pursuits because she has used Lambent Assistants to coordinate her move, travel, and to research questions and projects as they come up. She uses her assistant for an average of 15 hours a week.