Social Media Management for a Spa

Pamela owns a group of spa and wellness centers in Manhattan, and contacted Lambent Services because she needed help managing discrete parts of her business without having to assume the burden of a full-time hire. She originally used two assistants, and after 6 months settled in to work with one, primarily to run the company’s social media.

Pamela’s first assistant:

  • Moved all Quickbooks records from a drive used by Pamela’s previous bookkeeper to her laptop. The assistant also prepared numbers to give the accountant each month and showed Pamela how to do this herself.
  • Closed email accounts on gmail and google, and informed all contacts about the new address.
  • Pamela’s ongoing assistant works mostly remotely. Her tasks have included:
  • Supervising a move between apartments in Manhattan.
  • Facilitating private school applications. 
  • Running errands, mostly for small repairs.
  • Editing articles and editorials written by others.
  • Composing 4-5 full articles for the company website each week that are original, not repeats of previous writing, and are on topic (which is challenging).
  • With Pamela, planning blog and website-wide themes. This includes generating ideas, brainstorming together, and outlining the selected approach.
  • Managing the company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr accounts. The content is drawn from company’s website articles and internet research. The assistant matches the writing with photos she selects from the company’s stock photo subscription.
  • Researching the company’s dedicated charity and drafts relevant communication about the subject for the website.

Pamela’s life has not gotten noticeably less hectic since using her assistants, but her website traffic is up twofold and her sales have increased. She has gotten a great deal of value without spending a lot of money. Her assistant is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and has excellent writing ability. Pamela uses her assistant, on average, 15 hours each week.