Sight Impaired Pianist Uses Assistant to Save Time

Candice lost her vision as a young adult and works as a pianist and jazz singer. She is able to do everything herself, but some things take more time. For example, Candice uses a program that reads her emails out loud. But going through her inbox this way is time-consuming. While Candice had used volunteers in the past to help her with computer-related and other tasks, she has found she prefers with a dedicated assistant. It’s much more productive.

Candice’s assistant:

  • Opens all mail and files everything that’s important. She mails financial statements to Candice’s brother and reads all personal correspondence out loud, and they respond to letters and invitations together.
  • Does all grocery shopping, either online with Fresh Direct or walking with Candice and her guide dog to her favorite grocery store. The employees there are very nice and always happy to help if Candice is alone, but she finds this errand more fun and efficient when she’s with her assistant.
  • Runs local errands: Duane Reade to pick up prescriptions, getting cash from the ATM, etc.
  • Plans travel and packs for Candice.
  • Accompanied Candice to the DMV to get her first non-driving ID card.
  • Updated the client’s filing system. She shredded huge amounts of old paper mail and simplified the ordering of what needed to be kept.
  • Responds to each piece of junk mail in writing asking to be removed from their mailing list. This has drastically reduced the volume.
  • Shops for clothing online, or the two of them take the subway together to the UWS Loehmann’s.
  • Picks concerts and seats online for New York Philharmonic concerts.
  • Renewed her passport online: filled out forms, xeroxed everything, went to the post office.

Candice has greatly appreciated how many of her daily tasks have been shared and sped up. She also benefited from Lambent Services’ precision matching, which paired her with an assistant that she enjoys spending time with. She uses her assistant, on average, for 4 hours a week.