Lawyer Adapting to New Life Circumstances

George contacted Lambent Services when he was in the process of moving back to New York after living overseas. He was also getting a divorce, moving in to a new apartment, and figuring out how to spend the right kind of time with his children. He used two assistants over the course of two years. His first assistant helped set up the new apartment and coordinating the children’s schedules.


Her tasks included:

  • Overseeing furniture deliveries.
  • Meeting with the California Closets design consultant and presenting George with options. Then, supervising installation.
  • Identified and supervised a plumber, mold inspector, and repairmen (for front door and dryer).
  •  Keeping the children’s calendar in conjunction with their mother and her babysitter.
  • Planning the children’s birthday parties: selecting location, hiring a magician, ordering the cake, photoshopping the photo that went on top, and researching game rental sources.
  • Filling out health forms for reimbursement.
  • Online shopping.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Brought computer to TekServe for repair.

  • Found replacement battery for electronic car key.
  • Researched, presented, and ordered children’s bunk beds for his Hamptons home.
  • George’s subsequent assistant performed similar tasks, including birthday party planning and calendar management for the children, as well as
  • Mail sorting.
  • Getting estimates for planting a garden in the apartment’s outdoor space.
  • Communication with management company about ongoing condominium issues.
  • Travel arrangements.
  • For Christmas, arranged for a tree to be brought to their Miami hotel, send decorations via Amazon, and coordinated trimming with the hotel staff.

George’s assistants handled appointments that could only be scheduled for weekdays, when he was completely unavailable. They kept his refrigerator stocked and his life running smoothly so he could continue to shoulder his heavy workload and have free time to spend with his children, friends, and himself. He was able to maintain his home and his capacity as a committed parent more easily by outsourcing time-consuming tasks. George used his assistants for approximately 5 hours each week.