Expert Wardrobe Management.

There are a few things that will give a woman a new lease on life: a new hairdo; a new lipstick; a new purse. I now have another thing to add to the list: having wardrobe consultant Tracy L. come to your house.

Tracy is on our roster of personal assistants. She has worked with celebrities on television shows choosing and styling their wardrobes. Tracy also owned and ran a boutique that carried her original designs that were worn by Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City, as well as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson. She knows her fashion; and she knows it well.

I work at Lambent Services and after clients starting using Tracy, we started getting unsolicited rave reviews:

I want to let you know how wonderful Tracy was today--and what a special, sensitive, warm, and incredibly efficient person she is.  I have booked her for another session on Friday. Thank you again for sending Tracy to me.

It was so nice to meet Tracy.  She was so helpful in organizing clothes for my trip and picking out great new pieces for me at Zara -- my girls were impressed! I look forward to shopping with her again when I get back.

Tracy was really helpful! Thank you!! We still have more to do and she is coming back on Saturday. I want to attack everything if I can.

So, now that spring is here, and I need to face pulling out spring clothes, and the prospect of getting rid of winter things and putting away the rest, I decided to call on Tracy’s services myself. When I do this by myself it is overwhelming and I don’t know what to do with pieces I am on the fence about. Also, I have to keep getting up and getting down as I try on things and put them in piles. Also, once I make the piles I never have the energy to deal with them.

With Tracy it was so easy and fun! We worked for 4 hours. We went through every piece of clothing I own – winter and summer. We took everything out of my closet and looked at them. Tracy has a great memory. Often 10 pieces later she would see something and say. “This would go with the blue blouse we looked at.” She also quickly grasped my preferred style.

We got rid of things that no longer worked. I had a huge pile of things to donate, which was very satisfying. Tracy also created outfits from things I own. I saw pieces I had in a new light and was thrilled to have clothes to wear to work and cool things to wear on the weekends. All without shopping or hardly any expense!

Additionally, Tracy made suggestions on a few pieces to fill out my wardrobe, showed me how to fix a pull-on a skirt, and instructed me on how to remove a stain out of a powder blue leather jacket! I’ve been wearingTracy’s suggested outfits and getting compliments with great affect. But better yet – feeling great in them.