Real Lambent Assistant Email To Client.

This email came from an assistant after a Verizon service she supervised. She went above and beyond --Gillian worked after the technician left to make sure the problem was fixed exactly right.

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From: Gillian W

Date: Tue, Jul 21, 2015 2:08 PM

To: Adam Owen Glist;Jill Glist


The Verizon tech removed the router downstairs in the basement and replaced it with a wireless extender (which is officially called a wireless ethernet coax bridge or WECB for short). The extender is basically a signal booster. Apparently the 2 routers were sort of working against each other which is why you were having connection problems. Everything had to be reset which means your network ssid is no longer XXXXXXXX but is now XXXX-XXXX. The password (XXXXXXXXXXXXX) is the same one that is listed on the sticker on the side of the router. Once you've entered that password on your phone/laptop/tablet you can use the network anywhere in the house and the extender will step in and boost the signal where it needs to without you needing to do anything. When I left every computer had working internet and every TV was getting cable and all the menu options. I was able to get full strength wi-fi on my phone in the basement which I thought was a good sign too.

If you do have problems in the future (and fingers crossed that you don't!) you can always try logging into your router and the WECB. The router address is XXX.XX.XXX.XX The WECB address is XXX.XXX.X.XXX and both the user name and password are admin. 

One note if Verizon sends you a survey. The tech was not an expert in this stuff. He said this flat out. So he originally gave me some incorrect information and I did have to call the Verizon support line and have both a Verizon tech as well as a tech for the wireless extender on the line to set it up properly (we had to connect it to the upstairs router with an ethernet cable and fiddle around for a bit). The guys on the phone were very helpful, and the guy who came to the house wasn't unhelpful but I feel like Verizon shouldn't be sending people who don't know their stuff on service calls. Plus it took a lot more time - I was at your house til 12:15.

The tech said you should hold on to the old router and see if Verizon is charging you for it (why the heck he couldn't tell me this I don't know). If they are they should be able to take it off your account and tell you where or how to return it.

I mailed both the Gilt and the Neiman Marcus Last Call returns. 

Jill -see you Thursday! I'll be there a bit before 10 to pick up the VW and a credit card and take the car for inspection.