hello, hello, hello

Beginning a blog seems like being 8-years-old and opening the first page of a diary. The impulse is to say, "To whoever is reading this: do not read this. lt is completely SECRET!!! You will go straight to your own version of hell" and then to go on to write the most incredibly banal things.

Here the point is to be inviting and then fascinating. So please, welcome, and be ready to be highly entertained. Social networking, and blogs in particular, largely represent combinations of personal expression and helpful information. Lambent Lifestyle will stick to this format while limiting the amount of direct advice given because I myself am easily overwhelmed by information and prefer stories and examples. I will share my experiences as an entrepeneur; the owner of a boutique staffing company for assistants, Lambent Services; a 41-year-old woman; a wife and mother; and a New Yorker.  I am costantly observing and folding hypotheses into new data and have many ideas, most importantly about how to use the time in our lives best, in every aspect.  I would like to see what I can write that is meaningful and fun with whoever of you find me here in this blogosphere.