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Bix B.

Bix is enthusiastic with a go-getter attitude. In keeping with his Ivy League background, Bix is dapper in appearance, embracing a relaxed preppy look. He has a professional demeanor and a pleasant interpersonal manner.

Bix grew up in San Diego but was born on the East Coast, where his mother’s side of the family lives. Having lived in both places lends Bix a West Coast appreciation of the importance of lifestyle with an East Coast work ethic.

Bix attended Yale University, where he earned a BA in Theater. He recently completed graduate studies at Rutgers, and has an MFA in Acting.     

Bix has established assistant experience. From 2010-2011, he was the personal assistant to Ethan and Ryan Hawke. In this capacity, Bix liaised with agents, managers, and public relations staff. He also read screenplays, managed schedules, and performed varied support-based tasks such as organizing landscaping for Ethan’s back yard, getting his typewriter fixed, making travel arrangements, driving, running through script lines with Ethan, housesitting/dog sitting, and maintaining his Facebook page, Whatever the job, Bix tackled it with deft skill and determination. Bix has was a production assistant for Playwrights’ Horizons and Broadway in the Park at Central Park, where he set up props, orchestrated workshops, and ran errands.

In addition, Bix has held tutoring positions at Ivy Bound, a program for high school students studying for the SAT and ACTs; as an acting instructor at Rutgers University; and as an intern at the Cornerstone Talent Agency.
Bix is fluent in the Microsoft Office suite and Garage Band.

Bix’s ability to keep calm under pressure and complete varied assignments accurately makes him a valuable asset to any work environment. He is a good fit for a variety of clients, including socialites and celebrities. Bix thrives in new settings, is eager to learn, and adapts quickly.